Greenlight Connect

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Join us at Greenlight Connect 2024 and be inspired by visionary presentations on the cutting edge of digital transformation. Engage with industry experts from Greenlight Consulting and dive deep into the future of technology and innovation.

End the day with an optional visit to Oktoberfest, celebrating new ideas and connections in a fun atmosphere.


Deltek Maconomy

Discover how you can revolutionize your business processes with the best-practice ERP solution for project-oriented companies. With pre-configured workflows, processes, and roles, Deltek Maconomy Power Launch offers optimal support for your customers, employees, projects, and finances. Experience workspaces and reports tailored to the needs of various roles. Thanks to the integrated resource planning and CRM functions, Power Launch provides an accurate forecast for the future. 

Unit4 ERP Cloud

As a cloud-based system, Unit4 ERP offers flexibility, scalability and improved security. This enables fast implementation, data access from anywhere and minimizes IT resources. Moving to the cloud comes with its own set of challenges, but our experts at Greenlight Consulting will guide you along the way to ensure your transition is smooth and successful. Shape your digital future. 

d.velop document Management

Discover the perfect complement to the ERP system for maximum efficiency and improved business processes. d.velop documents enables the path to paperless work by digitizing, managing, and organizing your company’s information. Integration into an ERP system allows centralized document management and audit-proof storage of information.   

Change Management

The 4 Q model helps you to broaden your perspective on change projects. By including both visible factors such as processes, structures and competencies as well as invisible factors such as culture, collective values and individual attitudes, all relevant dimensions of your change context are illuminated. A holistic view increases the sustainable success of change. 

„Someone has to take the lead“ and „Decisions should be made in small groups“ – these often prevalent basic assumptions can contribute to organizations not reaching their full potential. Complex issues in particular benefit from harnessing the collective intelligence of an organization. Let’s talk about when real participation can be useful and when a classic roll-out approach is sufficient. 


Don’t miss this chance to boost your company’s digital journey. We look forward to welcoming you!
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